My Thoughts On Olympic Squad Selection

So finally we know who will be travelling to Rio and to at least my personal surprise actually more people than I was expecting are going! I pretty much knew that the talk would be (as it usually is) about the people who weren’t selected but it ended up affecting less people than I expected which is good.  Therefore this post will be shorter than I was expecting it to be!  However let’s have a quick look at some of the people who haven’t made it.

So who has been a bit unlucky?

Rhys Williams:  I have to say I was more concerned for Seb Rodger despite him getting the standard right at the end of the qualifying period and felt that if they took Rhys, they HAD to take Seb as well.  It didn’t occur to me that Seb would be taken without Rhys.  Rhys has run quicker this year than Seb Rodger (49.22 on two occasions) and came 5th at the European Championships whilst coming 3rd at the trial and to me he has the best bet of being picked on appeal.

Alison Leonard:  I honestly wasn’t expecting her to be picked based on what BA have done previously and not making the final at the Europeans probably made that decision more likely but as her post on says, having multiple standards whilst coming 3rd at the trials when only 2 have been selected must be a bit disheartening.  Her post suggests she won’t be appealing as well (Jenny Meadows was selected before her last year and her appeal was unsuccessful).

Julian Reid: Again I felt he had to get a second Olympic qualifier to get selected based on the fact he and Nathan Douglas weren’t picked for the Worlds last year but that medal and SB in Amsterdam just gave him a bit of a chance but for the first time in quite a while, no British triple jumpers will be at the Olympics.

Anyika Onuora:  This is more based on the fact that an argument can be made for her to have got the 3rd 400 metre spot over Christine Ohuruogu.  She beat Christine at the Europeans to the Bronze medal and has had a more consistent year.  On the flip side, Christine has run quicker than Onuora this year and last (her SF run is ahead of Anyika’s SB) and of course her history suggests she might be the more likely medal contender come Rio but that is still unfortunate for Anyika who does go in the relay.

Ashley Bryant:  Ashley is more unlucky due to the poles shenanigans at Gotzis this year which didn’t help him in trying to get the 8100 Olympic standard score.  He is ranked just outside the top 32 on the Road-to-Rio rankings ( and so looks like won’t get an IAAF invite.  Don’t think BA can be blamed for this one though.


Meanwhile though the likes of Rob Mullet, Sebastian Rodger, Elliot Giles, the 3 hammer throwers have all been selected despite a few doubts along with Jodie Williams in the 200 with Desiree Henry switching to the shorter sprint.  The relays squads are notably large but it should be remembered that only a maximum of 6 can be used by the time we get to Rio so at least 3 of the men’s 4×100 squad won’t actually get to run.  So overall I am pleasantly pleased with the squad despite a couple of changes that I would make (mainly sending anyone who has the standard and there is space) but there are only a few and a lot of people will get the chance to live out their dreams which should be the main thing I’m my opinion.


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