The First Appetizer

….Wait is someone actually reading this?!  Woohooo!  Let me just get myself ready for a proper intro!

Hello!  Welcome to this Athletics, or track and field to those non-brits out there, focused blog where I discuss all things even remotely related to the sport of Athletics.  This is just a post to introduce myself and to give a taste (see what I did there) to what this blog is about.  In 5 years when this blog becomes huge, someone will remember that totally original gem of a line!

I have enjoyed watching this sport ever since watching my first Olympics which was the Sydney edition back in 2000.  In many ways that was just a start of things to come for the sport (Marion Jones anyone?) but as I got older my interest grew further to the point now where I follow it closely throughout the year which means watching all of the diamond league events, following results around the world, complaining about the BBC showing lots of talking rather than any of the field action etc.  That’s right, I am one of THOSE fans.

So why start an Athletics blog in September when the season is all but finished?  Well for one, it can help pass the time until the new season starts in the new year and secondly because 2015 was quite a year for the sport and there is lots to talk about.  It was a year with many great performances with multiple world records set and an excellent World Championships in Beijing which at least partly helped the sport offset all those nasty little drug allegations that occur every couple of years which supposedly could destroy the sport.  Not saying they aren’t serious or a huge problem but the media does love a good drugs scandal whether the reporting on it is fair or not.

My plan is to post on the year just past, focusing on the performances in individual events, all the drugs stories, reviewing the World Championships and much more.  As a British fan, there will be a bit more focus on British athletes at times, but I aim for this blog to focus beyond just the British athletes.

Thank you for actually checking this out, it is just for fun as it should be and I hope it can create some interesting discussion and hopefully about the actual athletics action rather than just drugs.  Would be nice!  I will be asking one question each time I post so if you want to comment, then that would be completely awesome!

So the first thing I want to know is, when did you start to watch athletics and what attracted you to it?  Comment below!

I also have a twitter page which you can find @AthlAppetizer (bloody character limit!) and I will update on any posts that I’ve published at this site.

Until next time!


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